The underlying causes of back pain, under the wing, but above the waist

The feelings that arise often due to pathological disorders of the back spine. However, it's not very clear. Back pain usually wing the following diseases of the internal organs is called psychosomatic causes or traumatic injuries. Therefore, before proceeding, you need to find a treatment for an organization, exactly what happened and why the body's response to pain. Usually to do it yourself, this is impossible for help you need a PhD.

The causes of pain

In the area below the spin scapu may be sick for a number of reasons. If a person sharp pain in their lives, something happens, back trauma or inflammatory processes of the spine. If a person, such as a nagging pain syndrome image characterize, moderate, most likely in question the pathologies of the vertebral column, or heart, blood vessels, stomach, chronic course. A dull pain may occur in diseases, bladder, and heart.

Under all conditions provoked pain in between shoulder blades, spinal the most common factors that are associated with pathological changes. The reason for this is the spine (including the chest all partitions) live continuous, high load resistant, and let him walk towards the person's body weight. If a person who is not a strengthening, Nov skeleton back, does not follow, stance, back to damage over this time.

Diseases of the spine

back pain under the wings of


The most common back pain causes low back pain. Illness occurs if a person you are, irregular and inadequate physical activity. In this case, is significantly reduced, unpleasant and even painful manifestations brought back because the spine and chest muscles are complemented to load. The pressure on the intervertebral discs, vertebral disk, so that it provides enough nutrients to get. This exposure, they deformed structure is changing. The hotel has the nerve irritation some changes to disk, invalidates the spine, and osteophytes of the vertebral disks. All these a person's that causes back pain in the field of complex wing, right or left, depending on whether you exactly zasvetilsya nerve endings.

Of discomfort back pain the spine itself, which shows the occipital scalp, neck, scapular region, then under the sensitivity. A person feel, neck, head, numb.

Any degenerative disc disease

Osteochondritis Orange you are a patient, my back is starting to hurt now, in the space between the wing. Chest pain and. People are celebrating, difficult breathing (deep breathing). Because of the circumstances in which a person feels pain, and degenerative disc disease of Orange in the heart.

Sometimes back pain low back pain the lumbar vertebral column the reaction, which manifests itself under the wing. In this case, sudden painful reaction may occur in the lumbar region and yields, lower extremity, and as the disease progresses, the field starts to give left shoulder blade pain. Usually, back pain, high waist that is caused by pathological changes in the spine, reinforced, time, people actively moves.

To improve the situation, the sick person, using recipes from traditional medicine as well as massage the injured area. It doesn't stop the pain, contact a doctor immediately. The neurologist after a diagnosis pathology that deals with the activities to do this assignment for the necessary drugs and other treatments (physical therapy, exercise therapy, massage, etc.).


Case, Nov when voice or insufficient cause back pain myositis, regular treatment is possible, while a specially selected exercise. In this case also the friction you can apply under wing Nov liqueurs (pharmaceutical or home cooking), tepidus apply ointment. But even in this case, to eliminate the possible negative effects a doctor to get the necessary suggestions into account individual characteristics of the body.

Intercostal neuralgia

The disease is called compression factors by the nerve endings on the vertebrae. Intercostal neuralgia exacerbation moments in nature with different density and properties. Stupid as it is to have pain and Puente. During the diagnosis the doctor queries, sick, cannons history, dental exam, palpation is the most painful place to install. Assigned X-ray examination, ultrasonography. Inflammations of the organs in the chest region, pathological changes that occur in source usually. Disease lung, bronchus, pleura, usually accompanied by, however, just under a person's back pain in the region of the Withers. Sometimes pain, neuralgia felt, and his chest just back.

Treatment for intercostal neuralgia in the methods which are used, for, first of all, the cause of the problem crisis, a weakening or even be completely eliminated. Not necessarily drugs, wait inflammatory process. This is regarded as the most effective physiotherapy in the treatment of neuralgia. All of them are designed to facilitate and back pain, promote tissue regeneration, strengthen the arrival of food from them, by way of improve blood circulation.

  • Transcranial electro analgesia.
  • UHF.
  • Fluctuation em.
  • Magnetotherapy.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Mud treatment.

Traumatic lesions

Pain following traumatic reactions often the symptoms of the condition the Blades the scapula bone and spine damage as the character you want is located in Orange. This kind of damage a person receives the pulses, outputs. In this case pain does not allow people to freely move your hands, and a thick blush and a corrupt place. In the event the injury is get an X-ray, after which the doctor prescribe treatment or a trauma surgeon.

May cause pain, osteomyelitis, develops, light damage (wounds). A disease that accompanies inflammatory processes general poisoning your body.

Pathology of the internal organs


Very often, the pain below the wing is called diseases of the heart. For example, myocardial infarction reveals what the human heart spine and back pain crush zone in the region of the left shoulder blade. It radiates pain, head, neck and left shoulder, arm, how sick he is not move. When the feelings a bit if the person doesn't stop moving or take a deep breath, to deliver him immediately to the hospital.

the following causes blades back pain


Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., stomach ulcers) are very common forms of back pain under shoulder blades. The progress in the process, his stomach ulcers that causes destruction of mucous membranes, of nerve endings about aperture, provoked seizures, severe pain, not just a wife, but also the back, lower the wing. Periodically that characterize emerging markets, significantly increasing deprivation without complying with the doctor's orders and eating after dinner. The painful symptoms very sick or vomited then pass him place a hot compress or make it less obvious. Patients with stomach ulcer also to celebrate yourself the following symptoms.

  • Vomiting, pain, and the most obvious.
  • Heartburn, belching.
  • Pain is felt below the back of the wing, as well as heart.
  • Ruined if the mucous membrane of the stomach disease, or they got very sick, back pain, shoulder.
  • Sweating.
  • Returning, Walter.

Back pain stomach ulcer treatment in case no response is organized without consulting Yourself, Doctor. Treatment in these cases, the underlying disease causing the pain.

Among the tools folk medicine to help reduce stomach acid, often called baking soda. However, such a path is not supported by the medical profession because the effect of soda a very aggressive and actually is an organ of the mucous membrane domain, and an aggravating problem.


Painful inflammation of the lungs natural reactions of the body, chest, back. Apart from that, a person's temperature rises, the candidate lung wheezing, cough, shortness of breath. If pneumonia is unilateral, then a spin below for easy side hurts if damaged wing, double-sided, on both sides.

Severe pain depends on the efficiency of the help provided by the patient's main pathology.

Throat, upper back

A regular employee is a person, physically tense back muscles causes of scapula-pain syndrome associated with an overload from the beach, in the back of the vertebrae the thoracic spine injury, Nov fibers, with hypothermia , bed draft. Often, even a slight breeze enough for running, outdoor, dressed up, not a man to wear under the shoulder blades and the pain I felt. Symptoms a cold the following symptoms:

  • Significant pain in the muscles along the spine provokes damaged or frigus.
  • Normal movement is restricted when performing the man: difficult to perform the Rotary head, the body, now bent.
  • When you touch the area on the wing that is not felt very strong pain.
  • The tension spreads since Nov, back, and shoulder complex.
  • Scapula-line reaction to a sense of pain syndrome of violence, middle back, shoulders, upper extremity pain chest.
  • Attacks usually happens when it experiences physical stress on the muscles, chest, back.
  • At the time of treatment if you start affected by pathological disorders of the neck, shoulder joint, upper leg, ribs, chest, body outside the region affected body region.
under the wings of back pain stress
Problem detection and diagnosis to detect lung syndrome from the beach is absolutely true, not mixed with other pathological changes in the body during the attack only. Therefore, when its symptoms continue them as soon as possible and not to wait for examination.

Psychosomatic causes

Regularly if a person is experiencing extreme psychological stress, the tension and the negative effects of Nov system of the body, including the back. In this case, back pain, below the Blades, but the high waist is not uncommon. Usually people complain it's hard to stand or sit for a long time because your back aching muscles pulls. "At risk" people, poor movement and fall frequently throughout the day rampage is a stressful situation, or aggression, boredom, external factors.

In this case, the back pain will pass, every time a person decides if their own psychological issues, to learn a correct response from the outside.

Why, why, pain in the area below scapu too. Therefore, to understand why back pain diagnostic activities cannot in any case necessary to keep yourself organize. When you are prompted like this symptom, consult a doctor to be done and only then treatment.