Back pain lying down: all possible causes

Usually back pain is lying down or stops completely reduced, therefore many patients are symptomatic for fatigue signs after accepting a normal intense physical effort. A different clinical picture, characterized by increased pain, the patient at rest in a horizontal position.

back pain

Often increased pain, a sign of serious illness that requires an emergency treatment. When you are prompted, atypical symptoms necessarily see a specialist for treatment.

Causes and precipitating factors

The emergence of two main groups of etiological factors clinicians features such as effects, pain, back, time the rest of the patients. Applies to the first power load with physiological pain as a result of intense, sudden overwhelming physical load, in a static position for a long time. The second group the symptoms that characterize the development of serious diseases or nov the skeletal system-cartilage structures. Common causes include:

  • pregnancy (II and III trimesters);
  • body mass index increases;
  • in the next stage of the skeletal system (arthrosis, osteokondrozis);
  • pathology, urinary tract and reproductive system;
  • malignant tumors of the internal organs;
  • acute inflammatory diseases, bone tissue;
  • localization in the spine includes a spine hernia in Dec.

The full clinical picture emerges as it kept individually for each patient, with the patient lying on your back with a growing pain to the patient. The degree of severity of the pain depends on the length of the character and or pathological processes. Pain features include:

  • pulling, burning, sharp, blunt, fire;
  • medium, dense, rain, episodic;
  • two-sided or one-sided;
  • in various sections spans the vertebral column (usually L, sacral, cervical sections);
  • long-term or other.

It is important to consider certain body position changes after the application of the criteria changes during pain drugs. Lying down back pain can be affected by time.

Inflammation, urinary tract and pyelonephritis

It's kidney infection pyelonephritis urinary tract of Ascension. Lie on your back back pain kidney explained an ideal. Close anatomically placed behind or under the hypochondrium. Causes pain, and extension fibro-layers of kidney parenchymatous structures. Pyelonephritis pain it's pulling, it is felt, mainly night hours. The trend, which manifests itself in strong shaking, increased pain with a deep breath, riding bikes, or at Catania. During the examination, the patient's reaction to strokes, kidney and lung on the heels of the jump on the back or side.

Other symptoms include:

  • atypical urine color change and pollution (fuzzy, white flakes, a component of the slimy, orange color);
  • pain with frequent urination, cystitis (bladder inflammation maybe as a complication);
  • increased body temperature (typically children up to the age of 15).

The serious complications that can cause long flowing pyelonephritis kidney structure, the frequent cause is chronic renal failure.

Symptoms of degenerative disc disease

Contribute to "bedridden" may be the development of degenerative disc disease back pain — pathological changes Nov-intervertebral discs cartilage of any localization. Axial skeleton disease common among dystrophic changes in fabrics.

the cause of back pain

Back pain associated with degenerative disc disease on the background lying on your back nerve root distress within the vertebral column. Pain, osteochondrosis could be:

  • fire (a sharp, long-lasting);
  • deep, long-lasting, pulling;
  • sudden lower extremity emitted by the fire.

Pain aggravated at night, especially with the torque dial boca. Increases the pain, and falling asleep in bed while a soft, sudden involuntary movements. Patients also decrease sensitivity in the area of back view, Nov weakness, change, conditional reflex reactions, burning sensation, tingling, or numb full.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is characterized by pain or illness that apply to special conditions called Night. A character wears consists of autoimmune pathology, joints, spine or sacroiliac joint.

Celebrated ankylosing spondylitis back pain lying on your back, especially at night. To facilitate any movement of the patient's condition. Additional symptoms include the following:

  • joint mobility restriction;
  • the hardness of the lumbar spine movements;
  • scoliosis curvature of the spine and the vertical axis according to the type of;
  • growth reduction;
  • body position involuntary back pain.

Ankylosing spondylitis can occur in patients of any age, depending on your medical history, and other predisposing factors of the patient.

Ulcerative lesions, duodenum

Another reason for back pain peptic ulcer disease duodenal sections. Open flooring that emerge with the pain, aches, gastric juice can damage the mucosa of exposure to opportunities and exposure time. A typical localization of the pain — peritoneal space, but considering, Anatomy, bowel, they give in and dorsal parts. Other symptoms include:

  • view persistent indigestion disorders;
  • gas or bloating;
  • sour belching;
  • breaking chairs.

Usually after taking antacids, the pain is reduced. Lack of adequate treatment often leads to complications-shaped stomach or intestinal bleeding, perforation, and mucous membranes, the intestinal mucosa the disease.

Pain syndrome may be many reasons incite violence during a night's sleep, a day backpack or lie. Dangerous serious complications, ignoring the symptoms such as slow progression of the disease and development of disability.

Treatment and Prevention

The meeting started with a careful differential diagnosis treatment of the underlying disease definitions to define the emergence of pain.

If you need to change the body position during the treatment while you sleep. For them, a hard pillow mattress, pillow, back under the primer. Drug therapy is recommended during physical therapy, physical training, massage. An active lifestyle, at the same time, an important aspect of a successful recovery.

Appointment is necessary to ease the pain that pain medications (ointments), systemic medications, balsam), various ointments, compresses with therapeutic compounds. Some traditional medicine recipes that are often applied.


Guess while "bedridden" is the pain completely depends on the nature of the pathology, and the degree of development of dystrophic processes as well as the underlying cause. Usually celebrated physician recommendations all patients a significant improvement with respect to timely diagnosis and quality of life is consistently reduced the risk of disability.